Geraldine D.

My name is Geraldine. I started my training at Francek Firseure in Septeber 2001 and successfully completed it in 2004. In the same year I attended the internal master school and in 2005 successfully passed the exam to master in the hairdressing trade.
In retrospect, I have been able to see and experience myself as an integral part of the Francek hairdressing family for 17 years.

It is very important to me to take care of my customers warmly and individually. The seat of the hair sends a significant signal to the environment, it gives the feeling of attractiveness and self-confidence.
Good hair makes you in a good mood and with a good mood you can spend nice days.
There are no uniform cuts with me as well as slavish subordination of a certain fashion trend. True to this motto, I am 100 percent committed and motivated every day to make my time in the salon as comfortable as possible for my clients, and to create the hairstyle that happily and happily leaves the business.

The Francek hairdressers are characterized by their desire for innovation and pleasure in creativity. Regular further education and workshops guarantee our customers at all times, type-appropriate hair creations at the pulse of the time. Not only the final result counts.

The customer should enjoy the time in our salon and feel as relaxing and soothing. A modern and visual
appealing salon, latest technical equipment, high-quality color and care products are just as essential as a loving and friendly dealing with our customers.
We are committed to convince both our regular customers and new customers every day, out of conviction, to be good hosts and to achieve the best possible results.

To be able to welcome you soon in the Baslerstraße, I would be very happy.

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